The summary below contains excerpts that originally appeared in G.I. Jobs Magazine and is being reprinted with permission.

Look out for July’s issue of G.I. Jobs, where CSM veterans Justine Evirs and Tiannia Romero grace the cover. The two Navy veterans discuss the phrase “military friendly” and how “military friendly” centers can transform a college campus.

Evirs, Veterans Services Program Coordinator for the Veterans Resource & Opportunity Center (VROC), is driven to revamp the center into something more than just a hub for “military friendly” resources.

“I think there is a difference between having a vet center on campus and having a vet center on campus that has purpose for your student veterans…I think it’s time that schools across the nation take the time to re-evaluate their veteran services program and take the proper steps to build it with purpose for student veterans on their campus.”

Romero, CSM’s Student Veterans of America (SVA) Chapter President, says that “military friendly” is synonymous with accessibility and comfort.

“A veteran’s center needs a heart to survive and function correctly. Here at the College of San Mateo Veterans Resource and Opportunity Center, we have a heart. We are more of a family than friends, just like we were with those we served with. It can completely change a college experience for a student veteran when they have somewhere to go where they can ask about benefits, school or any other issues that come up while they’re going through higher education.”

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