On Wednesday, March 14, students, faculty, staff, and administrators from CSM joined people across the country in coming together to show solidarity with the victims of the Parkland high school massacre and to make a statement against gun violence.

Students and Faculty Walk-Out to Protest Gun Violence

The on-campus rally, which coincided with walkouts and rallies throughout the nation, highlighted the importance of the issue of gun violence at schools, colleges, and universities. Students from the CSM Middle College program, students visiting the campus from San Mateo High School, and students participating in the Mana program’s preview day joined the rally.

CSM Students at the RallyASCSM President Colby Riley addressed the crowd and led the group in a moment of silence to recognize all the victims of recent gun violence. CSM President Claire then spoke to those assembled and highlighted need for safe and secure learning environments. Afterwards, the microphone was made available to anyone who wished to speak. Students and faculty made powerful statements about the need for gun control as well as the importance of building community and addressing issues of mental health.