Part of CSM’s rapidly growing Year One Promise program is College One—a course that helps first-year students make a successful transition to college by providing opportunities to explore a college student mindset, identity, habits and expectations. In the course, Year One Promise students develop critical reading strategies, information literacy awareness and skills, and establish a community of first-year support.

More than 20 CSM faculty participated in an intensive 2-1/2 day workshop in June to prepare them to teach the College One course. Participating in the workshop not only qualifies these faculty to teach the course, which is expected to grow in the coming years, but also to spread the best pedagogy across our teaching in all disciplines.

In the workshop, CSM faculty focused on educational equity practices and frameworks specific to serving first-year community college students. They shared strategies for how to infuse metacognition and growth-mindset strategies into lessons. It was an important opportunity to collaborate and learn from fellow faculty across campus.

Participants came from across CSM’s instructional divisions, including math, biology, art, library, English, film, athletics, economics, philosophy, geography, ethnic studies, business, distance education, counseling, the Disability Resource Center, and other areas.

This was the second year CSM has offered the College One Faculty Workshop, and faculty response has been so strong that there is already a wait list for next summer 2019!