Welcome Week at CSMThe Associated Students of College of San Mateo greeted CSM students with a rousing week of free food and giveaways to ease students into their first weeks of the semester. Student retention is a priority for ASCSM. Since the beginning of the school year can be stressful, especially for new college students, Welcome Week is a key part of ASCSM’s programming.

The festivities took place Tuesday and Wednesday, August 28-29. The first day, senators gave out Ay Caray Taqueria burritos, Super Cue boba and drawstring bags filled with CSM accessories. Later in the day, Mendocino Farm sandwiches, Super Cue boba and drawstring bags were given out to the night class students. On day two, there was free food from Cuban Kitchen, Super Cue boba and more drawstring bags. Students enjoyed the Cuban sandwiches, fried plantains and quesadillas. Night students had free Mendocino Farm sandwiches, Super Cue boba and drawstring bags.

CSM Welcome Week

ASCSM has added night students to Welcome Week programming in recent years in an effort to be more inclusive of our entire campus community. Overall turnout was huge, with ASCSM handing out more than TK meals, TK bobas, and TK bags. There were consistent lines and all the food was devoured each day. We look forward for more events made for our students!