In a healthy economy, it can be difficult for companies to find employees with the right skills and training. That is why CSM has created the Career and Workforce Hub to connect Career and Technical Education (CTE) students and alumni with employers. The Hub bridges the gap between employers and students by providing students with career exploration and preparation services, and working with businesses to create internships and employment placement.

The Career and Workforce Hub is headed by CSM’s Director of Career Education, Ashley Phillips, who benefited from a pivotal internship opportunity early in her own career. She studied public administration and planned to work in human resources. “I had an internship in human resources,” says Phillips. “Although I liked the people, the actual work wasn’t fulfilling enough.” That single internship experience helped her focus on her passion and pursue a career in her field that is personally rewarding.

Her vision, along with the Hub’s, is to ensure that students have enriching experiences that help them build skills and focus on the careers they will have once they complete a class, certificate or degree at CSM.

The Hub reflects the increasing need for students to focus on their education and professional career aspirations concurrently. It allows CSM to respond to urgent economic and community needs and create access for underrepresented students.

With the Hub, students and alumni can work on the tools they need to secure an internship or job such as resume writing, interviewing skills, LinkedIn profile optimization and networking. The Hub also sponsors a speakers series, networking events and opportunities to connect to experts for informational interviews. Employers can work directly with the Director of Career Education to advertise open jobs and internships and develop a pipeline of trained candidates.

Students or alumni who need help updating a resume and LinkedIn profile, or finding an internship to explore their major, may reach out to the Career and Workforce Hub for assistance. Employers looking to access skilled local employees can contact the Hub at (650) 574-6296.