CSM’s Career and Workforce Hub helps to guide students into programs that lead to jobs. One way to do that is to provide students with marketing materials that capture the excitement and growth potential in career programs.

With the funding available from the State of California Strong Workforce Initiative, the Hub has partnered with Community Relations & Marketing to create a new lineup of brochures to promote some of the most exciting career programs at CSM.

So far, the Hub has created brochures to promote careers in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Computer Information Science, Electronics Technology and Fire Technology. A new brochure for Cosmetology is on the way, with more materials planned this spring along with videos and digital promotion campaigns.

Each career brochure features a snapshot of topics covered in the program, examples of job titles the program leads to, salary and job growth statistics, alumni profiles and lists of the companies where CSM’s graduates work. The pieces are now a vital part of student recruitment for CSM.