Vehicle burglary is a crime of opportunity.  Most thefts occur when valuables are left unattended, and out in the open to anyone that is walking by your vehicle.  Many of these crimes can be prevented by following these simple steps:

Remember to LOCK your vehicle.
Surprisingly, many items are stolen from vehicles which are left unlocked or have their windows rolled down.  Make sure all your doors are locked and your windows rolled all the way up before leaving your vehicle

Remember to REMOVE all valuables from your vehicle.
If you need to leave your belongings inside your vehicle, make sure to leave them inside your trunk where it is not visible from the outside.  NEVER leave any of your belongings (backpacks, purses, electronics, money, jewelry, etc.) inside your vehicle that is visible from the outside.

REPORT all suspicious activity.
If you see anything suspicious, please call our Public Safety Department at 650-738-7000.  Always remember, If You See Something, Say Something!

In the case of a crime in progress or an emergency situation dial 9-1-1 immediately.  If you follow these tips, this will significantly reduce the likelihood that you or someone else will be the victim of a crime.

Department of Public Safety 24-hour number (650) 738-7000