In the latest milestone for the CSM Honors Project, recent graduate Andreas Langenbacher was notified that his paper was accepted and published online by “Think You?!,” the journal of the Bay Area Honors Research Symposium. His paper, entitled “The Art of Creating a Piano Fantasy: Montage, Notation, Performance,” was written under the mentorship of CSM professor Shulamit Hoffmann. The paper lays out the foundational work for a 10-minute piano piece he composed and performed at CSM last spring.

Langenbacher’s abstract reads: “I have created a ten-minute piano fantasy that is a suite of original compositions, and transcriptions and rearrangements of extant piano pieces. My piano fantasy contains media music—pieces from video games, anime, movies, and other types of entertainment and media—as well as elements and segments from the traditional classical repertoire. My goal was to create a piece that shows that media music can be as complex and beautiful as traditional repertoire, and that, because of that, media and traditional music can go hand in hand—making a new whole. I hope to convey what I love so much about pieces that easily go unnoticed in the background of media through my piece. To serve this purpose, I have performed my piece in public at the end of the semester, recorded myself, and uploaded it on the internet.”

Langenbacher, who studied biology at CSM, transferred to UCLA this fall. Read the full paper online.