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CSM is excited to announce the first program of its Coast to College plan: Lyft Rides for CSM Coastside Students. The pilot program was born out of discussions during the December 2021 Transportation Task Force meeting which blossomed into a full partnership between Lyft and CSM. The goal of the program is to address the transportation issues commonly cited by students in the coastal communities.

program webpage and registration form are available, allowing interested students to review program details and sign up. Those who are approved to access the new service are eligible for 40 monthly Lyft rides between CSM and 10 different designated locations throughout Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Moss Beach, and Montara.

Current CSM student and Half Moon Bay resident, Basilio Rico Serrano (Chilo), knows how difficult accessing the campus can be for those living on the coast. When informed about the pilot program, he replied, “I wish this service was available when I started attending CSM. To be honest, it was really hard to get to school using the bus because sometimes they did not stop at the college, so I needed to take a second bus to get there. I believe students are still having the same problem now.”

“Having transportation for Coastside students is a huge benefit because public transportation is limited,” says Norma Miramontes, MidPen Resident Services coordinator for the Moon Ridge Housing Community. “Students will no longer be reliant on others for transportation, [and will be] saving money and time for families.”

The partnership with Lyft signals the first of several programs focused on increasing equitable access for Coastside residents to College of San Mateo.