Become a Leader in Governance and Management with a Certificate or Degree in Public and Non-Profit Administration!

San Mateo, California – College of San Mateo (CSM) is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Public and Non-Profit Administration Program, aimed at nurturing managers and leaders dedicated to advancing the common good and effecting positive change in government and non-profit organizations. The program offers an associate degree and certificate option, providing students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to excel in the public sector.

With a focus on local, state, and federal government, as well as non-profit organizations, CSM’s Public and Non-Profit Administration Program equips students with the expertise needed to navigate the complex landscape of public administration. Graduates will possess the tools necessary to make a lasting impact and drive positive change at all levels of governance.

According to Dr. Francisco Gàmez, Dean of the Business and Technology Division at CSM, “Our program is designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills to become effective leaders in the public and non-profit sectors. We are dedicated to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter, enabling them to make meaningful contributions to their communities.”


Career and Transfer Opportunities

CSM recognizes the diverse career paths available in the field of Public and Non-Profit Administration. Graduates of the program will have numerous career and transfer options, with opportunities in government agencies, educational institutions, the private sector, non-profit organizations, foreign service, and non-governmental organizations.

In the San Francisco Peninsula region alone, there are over 16,000 employment opportunities directly related to Public and Non-Profit Administration, as reported by the COE (2022). This highlights the high demand for skilled professionals in this field, making it an excellent choice for students seeking meaningful and rewarding careers. Additionally, students who graduate from CSM’s Public and Non-Profit Administration Program have the exciting chance to transfer to four-year colleges and universities, to further their studies and pursue a Bachelor of Public Administration, solidifying their expertise and expanding their professional horizons.


Program Highlights

CSM’s Public and Non-Profit Administration Program offers several compelling reasons for students to choose this exciting educational pathway:

Affordability: Students can study the fundamentals of Public and Non-Profit Administration while saving significantly on tuition compared to other programs. College of San Mateo is FREE for qualifying San Mateo County residents. See if you qualify by visiting our Free College FAQ.

Skill Enhancement and Career Advancement: Whether students want to change careers or increase their competitiveness in the job market, the program provides opportunities to upskill and expand their professional credentials.

Flexibility: With flexible online course offerings, the program accommodates students with diverse schedules and commitments, enabling them to balance their educational pursuits with other responsibilities.

Industry-Relevant Skills: Graduates of the program will acquire in-demand skills, including leadership and management, critical thinking, research, and communications, organizational ethics, diversity and cultural competency in management, project management, and a deep understanding of government and non-profit systems and organizations.

Dr. Francisco Gàmez emphasizes, “The curriculum of our Public and Non-Profit Administration program has been carefully crafted to ensure that students develop a comprehensive skill set that meets the demands of the industry. We aim to produce graduates who can address the complex challenges faced by public and non-profit organizations in a rapidly changing world.”


Enroll Today and Make a Difference

CSM’s Public and Non-Profit Administration Program presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals passionate about making a positive impact in their communities. By joining this program, students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to become leaders in governance and management, shaping a better future for all.

This fall CSM is offering two accelerated online courses; PNPA 100: Foundations of Public Administration which started on August 16 (students can still register for the class until Tuesday, August 29) and PNPA 101: Foundations of the Non-Profit Sector starting October 16.

For additional information and to learn more, please visit CSM’s Public and Non-Profit Administration Program page.