Leading the Way in Community College Advocacy for Undocumented Students

SMCCCD’s Undocu Coalition

SMCCCD’s Undocu Coalition

SMCCCD’s Undocu Coalition has achieved a significant milestone by being accepted to present a full-day pre-conference at the National Conference for Race & Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE) in Hawaii, from May 28 through June 1, 2024. This opportunity is not only a testament to the dedication of our coalition but also marks a groundbreaking moment for SMCCCD.

NCORE has historically focused on community college issues in only a few pre-conferences, making our District’s inclusion in the pre-conference schedule a first. Additionally, this is the first time our efforts in supporting undocumented students will be shared nationally. NCORE has never featured an institution solely dedicated to undocumented student support, making our pre-conference session a pioneering event hosted by a community college district.

Congratulations to the SMCCCD presenters who will be representing our District at NCORE:

  • Wissem Bennani, EdD | Dean, Enrollment Services & Support Programs, Cañada College
  • Nimsi Garcia | Program Services Coordinator, Undocumented Community Center, Cañada College
  • Martin Marquez | Program Services Coordinator, Undocumented Community Center, Skyline College
  • Aaron McVean, Ph.D. | Vice Chancellor, Educational Services & Planning, San Mateo County Community College District
  • Paola Mora Paredes, MA | Program Services Coordinator, Multicultural Center & Undocumented Community Center, College of San Mateo
  • Manuel A. Pérez, EdD | Vice President, Student Services, Cañada College

CSM is proud of the work of our Districtwide Undocu Coalition, and we offer special thanks to CSM representative Paola Mora Paredes for her dedication and commitment to our community. This achievement is a testament to our collective efforts and the impact we strive to make.

Paola Mora Paredes shared her thoughts on this achievement: “I’m extremely grateful to be a part of the District-wide UndocuCoalition and continue to expand support services for our undocumented community members in the County. It is an incredible honor to have been chosen to facilitate a pre-conference institute at NCORE as the first-ever pre-conference institute to focus on supporting undocumented students. This session will help us share our experiences and support other equity-minded professionals to think deeper about how they can bring similar structures & resources to their campuses.”