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ESL News

Starting next month, La Costa will be offering summer ESL classes for the first time. The school is also busy developing a new vocational certificate program in collaboration with the College of San Mateo that will launch in the fall. The summer session features ESL classes at three different levels.

ESL faculty members Evan Kaiser and Todd Windisch will be conducting weekly equity office hours for colleagues from Oct 1 through November 26.

Kristi Ridgway has been named dean of language arts for College of San Mateo. A faculty member in English and ESL, Kristi has served as interim dean of language arts since August 2017.

ACCEL San Mateo County provides support for students going from San Mateo Adult School to degree and certificate programs at College of San Mateo. They strive to provide education about college opportunities to the students as well as create innovative pathways so that students have the opportunity and feel more confident about attending college.

When I was little, my dream was to come to this country and learn to speak English. A lot of the people in my hometown, Apaseo el Alto (in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico), worked in the U.S.