10 digital media students were chosen to have their work included in “Show Us Your Type: Berlin Revisited 2016”, an international typography exhibit featured in Berlin and online. Kenny Dong, Sweety Nagar, Milena Radunovic, Christine Taylor, Marianna Boucher, Dulce Palmisano, Milithza Moran, John Carungay, Jamie Lanier, and Shiva Kamali created their own fonts while promoting the city of Berlin, as part of a typography assignment. While clearly stating the word “Berlin”, each piece displays its own unique style, ranging from minimal and clean to bold and colorful. The students’ work is featured alongside the work of hundreds of professional and amateur graphic designers from around the globe.

Professor Vera Fainshtein says, “Students only had a few days to research the topic, sketch their concepts on paper and produce digital layouts. The jury selected a total of 100 posters to be displayed online and at a well-known venue – a historical art space in Berlin known as the “Secret Garden”. The students’ posters represented 10% of the work in the show, and, as a professor, I cannot be more proud!”

Show Us Your Type, the exhibit’s organizer, is an international art project that features typography pieces, which capture the essence of several major cities such as Cairo, Barcelona, and Rio de Janiero. The contest is open to the public and runs three to four times a year in various countries. If you’d like to view student pieces, as well as the rest of the exhibit, please visit showusyourtype.com/postcards/berlin-2016.

Jamie Lanier, San Mateo

Jamie Lanier - San Mateo

Kacie A Clark - San Mateo

Kacie A Clark - San Mateo