CSM’s Honors Project is delighted to announce that nine of its students will be presenting their research at the 9th annual Honors Research Symposium, to be held Saturday May 7 at UC Berkeley.

The Honors Project is a relatively new and innovative honors program built around cross-disciplinary seminars where students and faculty collaborate in support of each student’s research project, which earns them honors transfer credit.  More importantly, these seminars provide intensive experiences and skills, preparing students for upper division and graduate coursework.

Hosted by the Bay Honors Consortium, the Honors Research Symposium features honors students from numerous community colleges, not only in the Bay Area, but as far south as San Diego.  Each spring, the Symposium site alternates between Stanford University and UC Berkeley—venues that adequately capture the high level of scholarly enthusiasm students bring to the conference.

This year, the BHC proposal committee received over 200 proposals, for 90 slots.  CSM had 9 of 11 proposals accepted—you can do the math.  Topics range from postmodern detective fiction, to the politics of GMO’s, to theories of effective solar power implementation, to innovations in OCD treatment. Students accepted include:

Stephanie Cervantez Ayah Hamdan Abigail Mende
Lili Fan Ethan Lee Nicholas Wong
Nick Firestone Hengle Li Samantha Trump

Please see the Los Medanos website for more information and registration