CSM’s IX in Action Learning Community at their academic year kick-off event in Half Moon Bay.

CSM’s IX in Action Learning Community at their academic year kick-off event in Half Moon Bay.

The spirit of unity and empowerment was palpable as IX in Action, the dynamic learning community for female student-athletes at College of San Mateo (CSM), embarked on their second annual Half Moon Bay fall kickoff event. This eagerly anticipated event, held right before the start of the fall semester, marks the beginning of a new academic year filled with growth, camaraderie, and achievement.

The event was a vibrant celebration of the unique initiative’s vision. Over 65 female student-athletes representing various sports and backgrounds converged in Half Moon Bay to participate in the event. This dynamic group of young women is united by their commitment to IX in Action’s holistic development and mutual support mission.

The learning community, which provides a nurturing environment inside and outside the classroom, offers many opportunities that encompass workshops, guest speaker sessions, and the invaluable wisdom shared by a network of alumni, community members, and accomplished athletes.

The day unfolded with a warm welcome to new and returning students. The event provided a platform to introduce incoming first-year students to the core principles of IX in Action: collaborative support, personal growth, and academic achievement. The emphasis on connection was evident as participants engaged in meaningful interactions, establishing a strong foundation for the year ahead.

“When coming to CSM, it was a shock it find out how much this school appreciated and supported all the female athletes, “shares Abby Sanchez, a freshman volleyball player. “It is also special to see the bond that all of the female teams have and how they support and cheer each other on. CSM is creating a standard for all schools and how their female athletes should be treated and supported, and I am forever grateful to be included in such an empowering environment at CSM!”

To infuse some fun into the day, coaches and instructors orchestrated a scavenger hunt through the picturesque coastal community. The spirited competition fostered camaraderie and reinforced teamwork and problem-solving skills.

A delightful lunch followed, allowing participants to forge deeper connections and share their experiences. The day’s festivities culminated with a trip to the beach, where student-athletes had the chance to embrace the coastal setting, play beach volleyball, and engage in friendly competition.

Katie Goldhahn, CSM Volleyball Coach, remarked, “The event captures the essence of IX in Action – unity, passion, and shared goals. The community we’re building here is truly inspiring.”

The Half Moon Bay kickoff event embodied the ethos of IX in Action – a learning community dedicated to nurturing female student-athletes through education, support, and empowerment. As the academic year unfolds, the energy ignited during this event promises to pave the way for growth, excellence, and camaraderie within the IX in Action family.

For more information about IX in Action and its empowering initiatives, visit our IX in Action website.